Quality Standards

Quality Standards

KG BEARING INDIA is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. We have well established quality control laboratories that control the following parameters with the help of advanced instruments:

  • Dimensional tolerance
  • Run out and geometrical tolerance
  • Radial clearance
  • Axial clearance
  • Noise of bearings
  • Vibration of bearings
  • Roughness checking
  • Roundness checking
  • Hardness checking with portable tester
  • Magnetism of bearings


Quality POLICY

Our Quality Policy focuses on increasing customer satisfaction through:

  • Strategic management of our Organization.
  • Consistently meeting customer requirement.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes.



Our quality objectives are to:

  • Maintain improving trends of customer satisfaction.
  • Continual improvement of quality control and quality assurance system.
  • Continual improvement in ‘on-time delivery’ of products, as per customer requirements.
  • Get penetration in new segments and develop more OEM customers.
  • To provide our customers with innovative engineering components and solutions that offer improved performance.
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Quality Control
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