Why KZ Brand Bearings For Medical Industry?

Because medical diagnostic systems include devices that move around people, safe, low-vibration and low-noise parts are required. Selecting bearings for medical applications, we remember that bearings should be high speeds, low noise, peak performance, service life, and protect from harsh environments, aggressive chemicals, or liquids. KZ brand has all qualities to suit the medical equipment for enhancing its performance like –

  • Finest quality steel Precision
  • KZ Quality: ABEC 1 P0 ABEC 3 P6
  • Very Low Noise
  • Anti-rust
  • Strict quality control system
  • Japanese Technology
  • Machines' Longer service life
  • 100 % tested in Laboratory
  • peak performance

KZ brand bearings are manufactured according to international ISO / DIN / ANSI standards in compliance with our quality control systems. Bearings are tested and exported according to customer requirements. KZ brand bearings are one of the majority authentic brands with competitive prices.


KZ Ball Bearing For Medical Industry

Widely, medical equipment predominantly utilizes KZ stainless steel Ball Bearings for more desirable functioning.

The prestige KZ stainless steel Ball Bearings:

  • Exceptional Oxidation Resistance: stainless steel bearings are rustproofed and have tough oxidation resistance.
  • Cleanable: stainless steel bearings can be cleaned with the exception of re-grease.
  • Sterility: Stainless steel is usually clear and does not rust.
  • Immense Torridity Resistance: can conduct in torridity parameters of 180°F to 1000°F

Application Examples-

  • X-RAY Machines
  • Oxygen Compressors
  • Portable Surgical Instruments
  • Blood Separators
  • Magnetic Resonance Imagine (MRI)
  • Laboratory Sample Processing Equipment
  • Diagonstic Equipment
  • Bioreactor Applications In Biotech Processing Equipment.
  • facial surgery
  • Analysis equipment
  • Robot-assisted surgery
  • Respirators
  • Surgical power tools
  • Prosthesis and exoskeleton
  • Micro-blood pumps

KZ precision ball bearings are broadly capitalized on dental equipment.