Common Reasons Why Bearing Fails And How Can We Fix It

Why do bearings fail?

Unfortunately, there is not an easy or one-size-fits- answer to this question. When we estimate bearing materials for any application, we also examine why the last materials may have failed. We look at operating conditions, running temperatures, lubrication issues, strain factors, and more to determine the root cause.

Common Causes of Bearing Failure?

Bearing lubrication - Without proper lubrication, bearings can overheat. Which can materially increase your replacement and safety costs. Lubrication failure can result from either using the wrong lubricant, unsatisfactory lubrication, or even a complete breakdown of the lubrication. Another challenge with lubricated bearings is that excess grease can attract dust and other contaminants that can impair the service lifespan.

Temperature - Thicker bearing wall can resist higher temperatures than a thin-walled plastic bearing. Whereas heat build-up is more in thick-walled bushes. Consider plastic bearings for good heat extravagance and a higher PV value.

Corrosion and contamination - Contaminants such as dirt, sand, water, and chemical compounds can cause many problems in bearing assemblies. For example, they can degrade the lubricant or wear/destroy the bearing surfaces, all of which can cause the bearing to wear out prematurely.


How to avoid bearing failure

Select the right bearing - The bearing must be of the correct size and have low friction, high rigidity, and silent run. Like KZ brand bearing, KZ bearings are designed to give high speeds, low noise, service life, and resistance to harsh environments, aggressive chemicals, or fluids.

Bearings must be installed properly - The correct tools must be used during the bearing installation process. The bearing must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once the bearing is installed, it is essential to verify that all components are correctly aligned and positioned. The KZ bearing is easy to install and is correctly aligned and positioned.

Proper Lubrication - Applying lubrication according to the manufacturer's guidelines helps to ensure that the bearing operates and performs during its whole service life. It's important to use the right type of lubricant and apply the right amount.

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