Plummer Block

Plummer block bearings are structured for more corrosive environments. The initial application of both types is the common, which is to mount a bearing well permitting its outer ring to be stationary while allowing rotation of the inner ring. The housing is moved to a foundation through a hole in the base. Housing material for a Plummer block is typically formed of cast iron or cast these blocks are pedestal which is used to provide endorsement for a rotating shaft with the help of compatible bearings & different accessories.

Plummer blocks are typically used in situations where alignment is more important and ball or roller bearings are commonly used in blocks. They are also used as a support for long shafts during coupling with other components. If we talk about the Product advantages, the Split Plummer block design permits for easy setting-up and descend of pre-assembled shafts & Sealing options KG BEARING INDIA offers a range of sealing options including V-ring seals, labyrinth seals or heavy-duty taconite seals. 

Difference between a plummer block and a pillow block

These bearings are also known as plummer blocks, so far there is some difference between the two.  

These pillow block bearings are typically used in low industrial environments while Plummer blocks are used in need of high performance and high load capacity.

Plummer Block

The rigidity of plummer blocks varies depending on the type, nature, and direction of the load acting on it, as well as the flatness of a surface on which it is located.

SN - 200,300,500,600, 3000,3100
SNU -500
SNL – 500
SD – 200,300, 500, 600, 3000

MATERIAL: Cast iron and cast steel

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APPLICATION AND INDUSTRY: Cement Industry, Metal Industry, Mining Industry, production Machineries, Pulp and Paper industry, Sugar Processing Industry, Transmission system.